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   The overview of Marine biofuel

Marine Biofuel refers to biofuel that can be used in combination for high sulfur ship oil (fuel of animal and vegetable status; filtered out oleo chemical by-producct). Due to its low sulfur oxide content, the biofuel makes an adequate product that meets the regulation of IMO 2020.

Marine Biofuel is a high value-added product for launching into the global market. The oversees market already saw its success in the commercial test of the biofuel and after setting up the quality standard and pilot schemes, it will be commercially used in the domestic market.

※ IMO (International Maritime Organization ) 2020

IMO 2020 was implemented in January 2020 with the regulations set by the International Maritime Organization on the global sulfur content of ship fuels from 3.5% to 0.5% to reduce sulfur oxides, one of the leading cause of air pollutions.

   The background of Marine biofuel

Marine Biofuel is expected to be the most effective alternatives among the solutions by shipping companies to the regulations of IMO 2020 and will be implemented in the aftermath of the success of the pilot schemes.

Measures of shipping companies related to IMO 2020
Low sulfur fuel use  · Can be used on most ships
 · Low economic feasibility compared with
   high sulfur fuel
The Installation of the scrubber  · Excessive cost for installation
 · Reducing the space for ship loading
   due to the necessity of installation space
The introduction of LNG ships  · Excessive cost of investment at
   an early stage

 · A lack of LNG Bunkering infrastructure
The use of ‘Marine Biofuel’ is the most effective measure related to IMO 2020
① It can be utilized on most ships by blending marine
    biofuel with existing high sulfur fuel
② Excellent in economic efficiency compared
    with the use of low sulfur fuel

   The status of supply

At the moment, testing is underway mostly on oversees shipping companies

  • 1) Maersk, the number one shipping company in the world completed sailing from Rotterdam Holland via Shanghai,
        China with blending 20% of biofuel in the mega container “Mete Musk”.
  • 2) CMA CGM, a French shipping company, in cooperation with Shell of oil refiner, conducted the project of using
        Marine biofuel based on bio fuel.