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Dear Customers. I am Yoon Sahho, CEO of JC Chemical
We are trying own best to become a company trusted by the public under the slogan of ‘a green company growing with the customers.’

While the severity of global climate change caused by greenhouse gases and the investment for new renewable energy that can replace petroleum gas are both on the rise, our employees are continuously making efforts to bring our vision into realization via seamless innovation.

We will continue to develop an alternative biofuel that can be produced in the existing petroleum facility infrastructure, make contributions to facilitate the distribution of new renewable energy, and grow into a company that meets the needs of our customers.

As the current on the river floor flows three times faster than its flow on the surface, JC Chemical contributes to strive for continuous quality improvements, research and development even where it may not be shown.
We are also searching for new growth engines and business opportunities to grow steadily. JC Chemical promises to maximize value for shareholders and employees. Futhermore, we will do our best to make great contribution for the happiness of all mankind.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who visits our company website and ask for continuous interest and support.