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  Types and uses of glycerin

Crude Glycerin

It is a by-product produced in the process of biodiesel production, and is used as a raw material for polymer synthesis, moisturizer, eco-friendly arsenate prevention products.

Refined Glycerine

The crude glycerine increases the purity of glycerine up to 85%, 95 % and 99.9% by the purification process of the first, second and third processes and fatty acids separated in the process are used as fuels by mixing bunker C oil and refined glycerine is used for paint additives, Styropol, cosmetics, tobacco, food (such as snacks) and surfactants.

  Research and development

With glycerin-applied areas and eco friendly products showing a robust growth, the products are on a continuous growth centered around Asia-Pacific regions; as a result, the company is making great efforts to engage in research and development for making glycerin the products of high-added value in cooperation with KIST.