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  Overview of the research center

JC research center has been engaging in developing technology to improve the quality of biodiesel as the main product since 2006, the year of the foundation of the company, and doing research for possibilities of new raw materials and conducting research and development for producing high-valued products such as glycerine.

The center will set up the objectives of the research and work for realizing them in order to occupy a conspicuous place in the new renewable energy market to take one more step toward the objective of high quality and high yield. We will do our utmost for JC Chemical's continuous growth.

  Wet analysis

Acid Value(AV) Measuring the content of free fatty acids in oils and fats
Iodine Value(IV) Measuring fat unsaturation (double bond)
Saponification Value(SV) Measuring saponifiable fats in oils

  Device analysis

Gas Chromatography

Measuring FAME, total glycerin and methanol content in BD

Oxidation Stabillity Analyzer

Measuring of oxidation stability in BD

Saybolt Chromometer

Measuring Saybolt chromaticity of BD and light oil

ASTM Chromometer

Measuring BD and oil chromaticity

Cold Filter Plugging Point

Measuring low temperature filter plugging point of BD

Pour Point Analyzer

Measuring pour point of biodiesel and oils and fats

Moisture Analyzer

Measuring moisture content of BD

Centrifugal Analyzer Measuring water and sediments of BD 20
FT-Infrared Spectrometer

Quantitatively measuring FAME content

pH Meter

Measuring pH

Distillation Analyzer

Measuring distillation of BD

Micro Carbon Residue Analyzer

Measuring residual carbon content of BD


Measuring density of BD and oils and fats

Kinematic Viscosity

Measuring kinematic viscosity in oil

Ash Content Measuring ash content of oil
Gorss Calorific Value Measuring the total amout of heat when a fuel in burned
Sulfur Analyzer Measuring sulfur content in oil
ICP (Inductively coupled plasma) Measuring of metal component and content in oil
Water and Sediment Measuring of water and sediment content in oil



Patent name application Registration date of application

Registration number

The multi-stage reactor system for biodiesel production

(Application) ’07.11.30

(Registration) ’10.03.11



Reverse reaction prevention reactor

(Application) ’07.11.30

(Registration) ’09.11.13



The distillation device for distilling biodiesel and
method for distilling based on it

(Application) ’09.11.27

(Registration) ’12.03.14



The method for simutaneous refining of crude biodiesel and crude glycerin produced in the biodiesel manufacturing process.

(Application) ’10.08.06

(Registration) ’11.12.21



   Research assignment

The title of research

The period of research

Development of UCO (Used Cooking Oil) pretreatment tech

'07.07 ~ '08.06

Development process tech for synthetic gas and hydrogen and applied technology

'09.06 ~ '11.05

Development of process tech for glycerol carbonate and derivatives using chemical catalysts

'09.06 ~ '11.05

Establishment of recycling network for high density organic by-product produced from biodiesel production process

'10.07 ~ '11.06

Research on the wear and durability test of diesel injector in accordance with the additive fraction of biodiesel

'13.11 ~ '14.10

Biodiesel production method from marine microalgae

'15.06 ~ 


The title of the certificate

Date of Acquisition

The certificate of ISO 9001, 14001


The certificate of Clean Workplace


The certificate of ISCC(International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)


Registering at EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)


The certificate of QAP(Quality Assurance Program)


The certificate of the dedicated research department